The workplace is being tested on the configurations of the Internet Explorer and the Cortona 3D viewer 6. Cortona 3D must be installed before first use as a plug-in to the browser. When you run the site at the workplace, you should be automatically prompted to install the plug-in. If this does not happen for some reason you can download the plug-in  HERE.

The workplace is implemented as a modular kit. It is relatively easy to configure. Just move the selected object from the menu to the workplace area.

SOLO: these are virtual environments emerged as the developmental stage of the proposed VIRTUAL DESIGN SYSTEM FOR ROBOTIC WORKPLACE for solo robots. The controls are intuitive. Namely, it is the starting and stopping of movements and in one case there is filling in a form in which the path values are entered in x, y and x axes. Then there is the simulation of the specified movement. 


After opening the workplace one can get into a virtual environment with production hall. The hall is made up of monolithic large area (20 m x 20 m). Dimensions are modifiable in draft mode. This extensive area has been designed with regards to wider experimentation.
Symbols of potential workplace equipment are placed on the right side. Overall, the current system is designed to be able to cover up to 50 devices. However, there is no technical problem to increase this number.

All devices may be entered several times at the workplace. After inserting the device into the workplace, one can click on any of the inactive part (some parts of the loaded machine can be designed as active virtual sensors) and invoke the menu for editing.

There are several options available, such as rotating, moving, removing the devices and quitting the menu. Inactivate part can be activated by clicking the selected item, which serves as a sensor for appropriate option.

For more accurate positioning it is possible to cover the workshop floor with a texture with desired density of guide lines or remove the selected texture.

All elements bring their properties into the virtual workplace. Starting their function depends on the functions of their own and it can be very diverse. Therefore their control is not mentioned at this stage.